715 W Morgan Street


Danny Taylor

CEO / DT Collection of Companies

I love what I do…that’s why I don’t refer to it as a “job” or “work”. For me it is a lifestyle choice…a way of helping others bring to fruition their dreams of creating that place we all crave…home.

Our boutique firm combines interior design, retail, plus general brokerage of all types under one roof. Our team has put together a group of vendors that can provide any service to the homeowner, from a full renovation to painting a porch rail. In addition, we work with investors to create new or renovated products to fill the much needed gaps in this top 25 ranked real estate market.

Check us out and discover the difference between what we offer and the typical big box or franchise firm. If ethics, communication, and a strong sense of fiduciary responsibility are important to you, we may be a perfect fit!

DT&CO…your one stop for everything real estate!